Italian Translation Services

Italian is not just an official language of more than a few countries around the world but it is used as a lingua franca in some environments. The Catholic ecclesiastic hierarchy is a case in point. Here, Italian is known by a large number of members and is used in substitution of Latin. Italian is the second official language in the Vatican City and is used in the whole world where an episcopal seat is present.


The entire world knows some Italian. Don’t agree? Sample this - Ferrari, Brooke Shields, Joe DiMaggio, Umberto Eco, Christopher Columbus, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Amerigo Vespucci, Marconi, Fibonacci, Andrea Boccelli – the list goes on. Agree? Italians have made a worldwide impact in many areas and have touched the everyday lives of people the world over.


The need for Italian translation and interpretation service becomes very important because of the significant contributions the Italians have made to modern day living. Be it the priceless works of art they have produced or the timeless pieces of classical music they have created, the wonderful cars, and the footballing legends.Italian stands tall in its contribution to culture and art that appeals to a global audience irrespective of time.


BLI Translations leads the world in translating and interpreting Italian to English and English to Italian language pairs. Our ability to interpret and translate over 120 language pairs is unmatched. We are in an enviable position to interpret and translate Italian into and from all the world’s major languages.


Patrons interested in reaching out to major corporations, law firms, universities, media, and marketing firms and federal, state, and local government agencies can note that we already serve these major groups in translating and interpreting Italian into and from several languages. Our teams consisting of native and non-native Italian linguists are committed to interpret accurately content, text, and context. We also offer website translation, desktop publishing, and voice-over production. Our services include simultaneous, conference and consecutive interpreting.


Our team of highly trained and expert Italian linguists works tirelessly to help you successfully realize your conference or meeting from and into Italian and English or any other language.


  • Translation Prices
    Our translation price depends on the target language, the subject matter and length of the document. It includes translation, editing, proofreading, and basic formatting. For an accurate estimate of translation cost, we require a copy of the document or a complete word count and a sample of the document.
  • Desktop Publishing & Graphics
    If your document includes graphics, tables, charts and other graphic elements, our desktop publishers can use your original electronic files to create a final, formatted, and translated version of your document. Desktop publishing is quoted separately on a per hour basis.
  • Interpreting
    Our hourly interpreting rates are dependent on the length of the assignment, the language, whether it is a consecutive or a simultaneous assignment, and if equipment will be used. Details of the assignment such as date(s), hours, subject, location, number of attendees, and the general environment are necessary for an estimate.